Monday, February 22, 2010

Fuel Cell Power?

This could be the next big step for clean energy. The piece talks about the technological and economical hurdles for this fuel cell to clear. But to me, the biggest hurdle is the gas that powers the cell. If it really uses methane, then we as a society would need a way to generate methane cleanly.


Christopher John said...


Owen said...

Cows, or swamps, landfills, or advanced sewage treatment could all be used to generate methane. But it would require a major shift and a lot of capitol expenditure to build the infrastructure needed to produce enough methane to power an entire society. Still it seems to me that solar, wind and nuclear power would be a good fit to work side by side with these fuel cells that run on methane.

Chris said...

Apparently the box works with various kinds of hydrocarbons. Specifically listed are algae and switchgrass ethanol, but it's not clear if that's an exhaustive list.

Carlos said...

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